Beard grooming: Beard shampoo & beard oil – the benefits of their use!

While the new barber trend is taking advantage of the need of more and more people to take good care of their beards, the clients tend to ask the simpliest question there is; Why should we use those products and what’s their difference from other hair etc. products…
I’m definitely not a barber but I’ll try to sum up the advantages of those beard products so as to avoid speaking like a pro-hairstylist. I’m just a client and a guy who wants to take care of his beard!!
1) moisturazing of the skin underneath the beard
2) skin-cleaning
3) beard growth promoting
4) regeneration of the skin and the beard!
For those reasons you should prefer those products that are designed specifically for beards (facial hair) and not for your hair!! Our beard is an essential part with special needs and has to be treated as an equal part of our daily skincare routine! Let us not forget that our beard holds most of the bacteria that exist in our skin, and do not allow them to insert to our body. This might therefore lead to an infection or acne. So keep it clean, guys!

I have tried the Hommer beard grooming products for men myself and I’m exited!!! You should try them too! They were absolutely perfect, cause they provided me all the advantages previously cited!

These are my products! (The idea, the logo and the creation of the products belong to the company)


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