Paros island review!!

I will now share with you my personal experience of Paros island.

Where is Paros
Paros is one of the most popular greek islands of Cyclades.

Means of transport 
Ship, Airplane, Bus, Taxi

Where you should stay
You should choose between two places: Parikia or Naoussa. Parikia is the port of Paros and Naoussa is better when we’re talking about nightlife!

Paros is for sure an expensive island, so if your budget is low, avoid visiting expensive restaurants/bars/clubs every day cause you’re gonna be broke! But consider visiting them once!!!
You can also rent a car etc. for your trips but it will cost you much money!

Why you should visit the island!
1) Nightlife, bars, clubs,
2) Beaches, such as

  1. Kolympithres (you can reach them by a small boat from Naousa), affordable prices, a lot of facilities including all sea sports
  2. Pounda Beach (with a lot of facilities, including a swimming pool and a beach bar and restaurant,),
  3. Logaras Beach,
  4. Parasporos Beach.

3) Meeting people from different countries, especially French, German, Italian and Spanish people!
4) It’s the ideal destination for young people, aged 18-25 and for families!
5) There are not many archaeological sites on the island, but the ruins of the mycenaean acropole will reward you!
6) Some beaches are ideal for windsurfing, such as the Golden Beach.

What you should avoid!
1) The sun, ’cause you can be harmed in many ways.
2) The crowed buses certains hours a day.

Pounta Beach

Visit the island, it’s a unique opportunity to enjoy yourselves!!!




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