Shaping and styling men’s hair (Undercut-pompadour-quiff-spiky etc.)

After getting a nice haircut, comes the styling challenge! Choosing the right hairstyling product can be really tough. Although we can find a wide range of those products at stores near us, the majority of them can’t help you shape and maintain your hairstyle, because each hairstyle is different and has special needs that require products with different ingredients, even texture…

Let’s take a closer look;

1)    Molding Clay: Ideal for short or medium men’s hair. Your hair will look matt, but will shine a little bit, so be picky and choose the molding clay that gives you the shine desired, so as to avoid the oily effect.

2)    Forming Cream: You should use it if you want to take your hair away from your face, so you need medium or long hair to use that product.

3)    Gel and gel spray: Works well with shorter and spiky/fauxhawk looks. Hair is kept hydrated and if you don’t exaggerate, you will have a natural spiky look.

4)    Sea salt spray: Ideal for medium to long length hairstyles. If you desire a surfer’s look, you should pick this product up.

5)    Paste: For an effect similar to that of the clay and the cream combined.

6)    Hair spray: Use it, when you want to put a strong-hold and all over volume and shine to your hairstyle. You should choose a hairspray that can be removed easily, because you would like a natural effect so if you add the spray to hair that is already shiny, it won’t look groomed, but oily and dirty.

And now my personal experience!

  • I have tried dozens of products, but still I find the American Crew series perfect! It could be expensive, if you desire to possess the whole series, but the results will reward you! For this period of time, I’ve picked the American Crew Molding Clay (image below) to shape up my fade undercut. The product itself mentions that it offers high hold and medium shine, but I will have to inform you that you shouldn’t apply it on damp hair, as it could look really shiny and at least for me, it didn’t work so well!
  • Now here’s a review of another one of my favourite products!!! Styling your hair with styling paste + Review of Shine Moulding Professional by FAMA (Series A+)

When I want my hair less shiny than other times, because I hate the “gelled” effect which refers to other seasons, I use this product…

1) medium shine
2) hold (I think!)
3) doesn’t stick to your fingers
4) has a nice perfume
5) suitable for all types of hair for both men and women.
6) suitable for all types of haircuts (especially short to medium)

1) If you use a lot of product, it could result to an unwanted effect
2) It costs about 15 euros.

Use to damp hair and create with your fingers the desired style!

For the application of those products, and for more advice and styling techniques, check out the new articles posted on my blog each week!!!
(Image of my product. Logo and creation of the product belong to the Company)


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